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Marcus Ross has loved paleontology, and especially dinosaurs, since he was a kid growing up in Rhode Island. His twin passions of Christianity and science have provided some amazing opportunities along the way!

Marcus began his formal studies in geology at the Pennsylvania State University, where he earned a B.S. in Earth Science. It was there that he also began his early work in creation science, writing articles and leading a student creation club on campus. Following graduation, he continued his studies with a M.S. in Vertebrate Paleontology from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and later a Ph.D. in Environmental Science (Geoscience) from the University of Rhode Island. His dissertation research focused on the fossil record of mosasaurs, a group of large marine-dwelling lizards known from upper Cretaceous rocks around the world.

While he was a graduate student in South Dakota, he had the opportunity to attend an international conference on the Cambrian Explosion in China. Working with other fellows of the Discovery Institute, he published a lengthy chapter on this topic in the anthology Darwinism, Design, and Public Education (Michigan State University Press, 2002). This would become the first of many projects on the topic of design and creation.

In 2005 Marcus began his teaching career at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Controversy followed shortly after he earned his doctorate, as he was featured in a front-page article in the influential New York Times in early 2007. The fact that URI had graduated a known young-Earth creationist caused quite a stir among academics, even though his own advisor and other professors found his work exemplary.

Marcus taught at LU for sixteen years, engaging in creation research activities in geology and paleontology, and wrote frequently in both lay-audience and technical creation publications (such as Answers Magazine, Journal of Creation, and the International Conference on Creationism). In 2015, he became the lead author of The Heavens and the Earth with Dr. John Witmore, Dr. Steve Gollmer, and Dr. Danny Faulkner. The Heavens and the Earth, now in its second edition, is the first college-level Earth science textbook to affirm young-Earth creation. In 2017 Marcus was appointed as LU’s Director of the Center for Creation Studies and Professor of Geology. As Director, he completely overhauled the curriculum, bringing the most recent insights from science, theology, and philosophy to the Center’s courses, and expanding the Center’s activities with the Creation & Design Lecture Series.

In 2021 Marcus stepped down from full-time teaching to devote his time to Cornerstone Educational Supply, a company that he and his wife launched in 2015. Cornerstone provides science supplies to both traditional and at-home educators from kindergarten through college levels. With his background in geology, Marcus wanted to provide creation-affirming geology materials, and found that there was a significant need for great science materials of all kinds for Christian educators. Moreover, Cornerstone’s mission is to help advance creation research and mentoring by funding ministry work and scholarships.

CSAA is therefore delighted to host this online event in which you are invited to benefit from the expertise and insights of Dr. Marcus Ross. October 23 at 10 am – Mosasaurs and Meteors: The great sea creatures and their history in the Flood (science) and October 23 at 2 pm – Creation Research as an Infinite Game: How to orient ourselves for the long work of being creationists and not just anti-evolutionists (apologetics).

Read a review of this event with Dr. Marcus Ross that took place on October 23, 2021.


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  • This event is free of charge.
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Creation Weekend 2021
Brought to you by:
Creation Science Association of Alberta

Creation Weekend 2021


– Online Event –
[1 Day, 2 Sessions]

Saturday, October 23
10 am & 2 pm

Featuring Dr. Marcus Ross
scientist, educator, Christian apologist

Session 1 – Saturday October 23 at 10 AM
Mosasaurs and Meteors
The great sea creatures and their history in the Flood

Session 2 – Saturday October 23 at 2 PM
Creation Research as an Infinite Game
How to orient ourselves for the long work of being creationists and not just anti-evolutionists

  • Register at create.ab.ca/register
  • Registration is free.
  • Tell your friends, relatives and church about this inspiring event! (PDF invitation)


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