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There are web sites to meet all tastes and interests. Some inquirers are young people with assignments to complete. Others are people who have been asked a question by a friend. Others have a personal interest in a specific topic such as fossils. There are also some people who like to keep up to date with new developments in science. Often these individuals are themselves pursuing a scientific career.

Some web sites provide well illustrated and upbeat information for young people. Others emphasize Christian life and thought, while others emphasize technical aspects of science. Some web sites consider only issues of science, while others interpret everything from a Biblical (young earth) perspective.

Below are some of our favourites.

Latest News

Creation Safaris’ Creation-Evolution Headlines
updated daily!
David Coppedge is involved in astronomy. His personal website features daily commentary on scientific articles which have just been published. His site has been functioning for several years and has a tremendous collection of informed comment on an astonishing variety of scientific topics. His tone however may annoy some readers, since he frequently comments that a published scientific discussion is irrelevant, wrong or just plain ridiculous. However he always provides good reasons for his comments. In that this website deals with technical scientific papers, his discussion is also somewhat technical.

Canadian Sites

Canada’s Creation Information Portal
This site provides connections to a wide variety of Canadian organizations, not just provincial associations. It also provides a who’s who of Canadian creation science museums and also Canadian speakers (with resumes and menus). In addition there are on- line publications such as our association’s Dialogue. The sponsoring group for this site is the Association de Science Creationniste du Quebec, so there are lots of resources in French too.

The web sites of the provincial associations provide current events information, some locally written articles and catalogues of books and DVDs for sale. It is worth comparing these sites since each has a different collection of resources and the prices tend to be very reasonable.

Creation Science Association of British Columbia

Creation Science of Saskatchewan

Young and Young at Heart

Answers in Genesis
A prominent feature of this website, and one that promises to be of interest to young people, is the cartoon commentary on various issues and the video clips in cartoon format.

Creation Resources Trust
This site out of England is very appealing! It is updated frequently, and it has beautifully illustrated on line resources for different age groups. See Our World for children, Original View for teens, and Creation Update for adults. This site also has Fact Sheets in a long list of topics for children, youth and adult.

Multilingual and International Resources

This site features links to a wide variety of other organizations. The main feature of this web site however is the lengthy list of resources which are available in a huge selection of languages. This website also includes links to the creationist organizations in a number of countries and United States states.

The site provides links to other sites where the resources are available. For example, there are many articles in Spanish on the Answers in Genesis website, accessed by the link from Creationism.org

Creation Ministries International
This ministry has a large library of articles from past issues of its publications. It also features translations of some articles into a long list of other languages. The number of articles available depends upon the language chosen.

Northwest Creation Network
This site provides Creation Wiki, an online encyclopedia, available in English, French, Spanish, Korean, German, Chinese and Russian.

Powerpoint presentations, many links, etc.

Christian Ministries

The three main creation information websites, Answers in Genesis, Creation Ministries International and Institute for Creation Research have many features in common. All include a featured article of the day, commentary on current events, on-line resources, book store, events calendar and the like. There are some differences however.

Answers in Genesis
This organization, based out of the United States, publishes its own magazine called Answers magazine.  The material available under the “education” heading, provides information on excellent resources. Their “Get Answers” section is a starting point for answering questions on the origins debate, the Bible, Christianity, and other topics.  A prominent feature of its website is cartoon commentary on various issues and video clips in cartoon format. No doubt the cartoon sequences are of particular interest to young people.

Creation Ministries International
This organization has published Creation magazine (formerly ex nihilo or Creation ex nihilo meaning “creation out of nothing”) since 1978. This organization thus has a large library of articles from past issues of its publications and many of the articles are also available in translations into other languages. The articles tend to be at a level appealing to readers who do not want technical details.

Institute for Creation Research
Since the 1970s, this organization has always emphasized the value of creation-based research in nature.  The site map is the most useful way to find what is available here. The “Features Articles” provide good information. There is a quick search and an advanced search to find material on specific topics. Free subscriptions to online and print publications are available through this website and the articles are always interesting.

Technical Sites

Creation Safaris’ Creation-Evolution Headlines
As mentioned above, these daily updates to the scientific literature, are technical in scope, but written in an entertaining and upbeat fashion.

Creation Science Home page
This site was put together by a group of professional scientists and engineers on staff at AT and T Bell Laboratories. It has both basic and technical articles by a variety of authors. It includes an “I don’t have time, just give me your main points” feature and a presentation “Basics on Creation vs. Evolution” which can be downloaded and used. There are extensive lists of resources but some material has not been updated for a long time.

The Emperor Has No Clothes
This is the personal website of Sean D. Pitman, M.D.

Institute for Creation Research
This site provides information on free publications, book store, speakers and a research facility south of the Grand Canyon in Colorado.

International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design
This is an Intelligent Design website with technical discussions, essay contests for university undergraduates, research tools, conference information and the like.

Logos Research Associates
A professional community of creation researchers.  Hosted the 2009 online conference, Darwin Went Wrong Conference which is available on their website.

Northwest Creation Network
Another information rich site, this one is provided by Christopher Wayne Ashcraft. The site includes on line articles, FAQ and links to many other organizations. The most noteworthy feature is Creation Wiki, a creation based encyclopedia with material available in English, French, Spanish, Korean, German, Chinese, and Russian.

The information is provided under categories such as biology or geology etc and then the list of topics is provided, listed alphabetically. Also available from Christopher Ashcraft are PowerPoint Files which can be downloaded.

Revolution Against Evolution
Doug Sharp’s web page provides an extremely lengthy list of articles, categorized under suitable headings. The articles are brief, but interesting and a broad selection of authors are included in the mix. The list of articles was updated recently.