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Margaret Helder
Paperback / $6.00 / 55 Pages

A bold new cover, directional highlights in colour and the same user friendly coil format, make this new guide to the Royal Tyrrell Museum appealing to visitors to the museum.

Informed commentary on dinosaurs and other fossilized creatures is again provided for the parts of the museum devoted to actual displays of fossil casts or actual artifacts. In that almost half of the museum is now devoted to arguments for evolution (rather than actual displays of fossils), this edition of the guide provides some new features.

Firstly, at the end of small paragraphs discussing each issue (such as evidences for evolution), the guide provides a summarizing statement in italics. You don’t have to plough through all the verbiage to get the idea! Also, since many specific kinds of fossil are now displayed in several distant places in the museum, page numbers in the guide are provided so that that one can access the remarks concerning presentations elsewhere. For example, dinosaur bone beds are presented in the museum in several different places.

An entirely new feature is the use of the HeadStart online resource to provide more detailed discussion of some related and important issues such as origin of life arguments, and evolution related topics like the geological column, rock record, fossils (what are they?), Cambrian explosion, extinct Alberta creatures (mostly marine reptiles) and dinosaurs (a separate topic).

Naturally one can only absorb limited amounts of information as one proceeds through the museum. However, the guide also serves as a briefing source of further insights once one has left Drumheller.

This booklet is a resource that keeps stimulating and informing readers!

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