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Wonderful Taste of Evidences

Wonderful Taste of Evidences


Wouldn’t it be great if there were a small, easy to understand, nicely organized book about the global flood that could serve as a starting place for understanding this issue from a Biblical and scientific point of view?  Well look no further… Answers in Genesis has produced just that; a handy little book called “A Pocket Guide to… The Global Flood”.

Also available in this series are other titles such as “A Pocket Guide to… Noah’s Ark” and “A Pocket Guide to… Charles Darwin: His Life and Impact”.  Each of these books contains brief and concise chapters written by a variety of experts who have also written whole books on the topics that they address  here.  Thus “A Pocket Guide to… The Global Flood” was written by four people: Ken Ham, Tim Lovett, Andrew Snelling and John Whitmore.  A brief biography of each author is included and mention is given to other books they have written in their area of interest.  As such, for further reading on any of these topics, it is easy to know where to look next.  Also footnotes are included which will be helpful for further study.

The first chapter of  “A Pocket Guide to… The Global Flood” looks at the overall question “was there really a worldwide flood? It answers this question using scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments.  The second chapter asks, if you look for evidence to support the truth that the Genesis Flood occurred, what will you find?   The author briefly lays out six geologic evidences for the global flood that are explained in the following six chapters.  The last few chapters look at catastrophic plate tectonics, the origin of oil, and the surprising (or not so surprising) existence of fragile shell fossils and how this is possible.

Photographs and diagrams are used throughout this booklet to help explain the written text. The writing is clear, easy to understand and enlightening.  Definitely in this small book, the discussion is basic and uncomplicated.  Nevertheless this book offers a wonderful taste of evidences for the Global Flood.  The other pocket guides deal in similar fashion with their own topics. These booklets provide exceptional value for minimal cost!

A Pocket Guide to … The Global Flood: A biblical and scientific look at the catastrophe that changed the earth.  Black and white.  95 pages.

Tina Bain
November 2010

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