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Creation Through New Eyes

Creation Through New Eyes


Creation Weekend 2018 October 26 & 27

The Creation Science Association of Alberta is excited that our featured speaker for Creation Weekend 2018 is Dr. Gordon Wilson of New St. Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho. Dr. Wilson’s enthusiasm for biology is infectious and the topics which he will present are ones that are very relevant to our lives as Christians today.

Dr. Wilson has authored a recent textbook on foundational biology called The Riot and the Dance. The title references the beauty of creation in its cycles, diversity and relationships (the dance) while at the same time acknowledging the impact of natural evil, a result of God’s curse after the fall of man, which results in predators and diseases (the riot). Most recently Dr. Wilson is the narrator of a full length film of the same title as the book, The Riot and the DanceThe film is a cinematic celebration of creation in which he showcases beautifully intricate creatures of the world and the good and bad (but always interesting) interactions thereof.

Dr. Wilson began his career by studying insects (M.Sc. at University of Idaho) and later by studying the reproductive ecology of the Eastern Box Turtle (Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Public Policy from George Mason University in Virginia). Since then he has taught biology at Liberty University and since 2003 at New St. Andrews College (Moscow, Idaho) where he is Senior Fellow in Natural History. Dr. Wilson is active in the community of Christian biologists and in 2005 he hosted a conference on created kinds at New St. Andrews. So plan to come to Creation Weekend to be informed and delighted with Dr. Wilson’s lectures!


Please take note that this year’s schedule is more compact. 

Friday, October 26
7:30 PM – Keynote address

Predators, Parasites and Pathogens:
Biological Evil and the Goodness of God

Saturday, October 27
9:00 AM – Complimentary Light Refreshments

10:00 AM – Session
The Magnificence of the Mundane:
Seeing Creation Through New Eyes

11:30 AM – CSAA Annual General Meeting

12:15 PM – Luncheon
(Reservations and tickets ONLY required for the Luncheon)

Selection of soups, salads,

and sandwiches as well as dessert and beverages$13.00 per ticket
(Children 10 & under – $6.50)

(Children 3 & under – free)

Buy tickets online at 
www.create.ab.ca/luncheon/ by Monday, October 22

2:00 PM – Closing Session

A Different Shade of Green:
What Does Biblical Dominion Look Like?

Free Admission

Free admission.  Donations to the program and conference expenses are appreciated.  Donate online.


Hope City Church
(formerly Mill Woods Assembly)
2225-66 St. NW, Edmonton

Spread the News!

Personal contact with friends, and support from local churches, are very important in encouraging people to come. We have Creation Weekend information packages for pastors/churches and teachers. We encourage you to ask your contacts if they are interested in this upcoming event. If so, we will send you a packet(s) to give to them, or if you prefer, we will send the packet to the contact with his/her name and yours included.  Contact us.

PDF of Creation Weekend 2018 Poster
PDF of Creation Weekend 2018 Handout


Email: information@create.ab.ca
Phone (Voice Mail): (780) 800-3396

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