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This forty-seven minute video is a follow-up of the 2002 Illustra Media DVD, Unlocking the Mystery of Life. Its purpose is to show that scientific materialism, which excludes any notion of intelligence or design, utterly fails in trying to prove that simple chemistry produces life through random undirected processes. Through beautiful and powerful animation, this movie takes the viewer from grand perspectives of the universe into the most elemental workings of a living cell, all of which can only leave one in great awe of the Creator.

This is an excellent systematic demolition of the theory of evolution at the most basic and most important level, namely, how did life actually begin? It is simply impossible for life to have started spontaneously by chance. Some scientists are consequently turning to other theories such as panspermia, the notion that life on earth originated from microorganisms or chemical precursors of life present in outer space. But, as the movie shows, that is a cop-out and an abandonment of science. Ultimately, the question of the origin of life concerns us all. Where did we come from? We need to look to the Creator.

This high quality and informative video is highly recommended, especially for science teachers and students.

Illustra Media, 2016.

Reviewed by Cornelis Van Dam in Clarion vol. 67 #19 September 21, 2018.

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