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Learning from the RATE Project

Learning from the RATE Project


One does not have to be a scientist with an advanced degree in physics or geology to appreciate the relevance of recent studies on the radiometric dating of rocks and biological materials. The book Thousands… not Billions and the DVD of the same name, are designed to communicate to the general public the results of recent research which fit a young age for the earth.

Despite the fact that the book is written to communicate to interested but non-technical readers, some additional help with the concepts cannot hurt. This is particularly true for junior high students who are studying earth science, or high school students who are studying chemistry. Thus the Institute for Creation Research has recently published a user friendly study guide to accompany Thousands… not Billions, written by Don DeYoung, also author of the book.

Each chapter in the original book is treated separately in the study manual. Chapter objectives and an outline of the material are provided in point form. This is followed by an overview of the chapter in paragraph form. Significant terms are listed and questions about the implications of the chapter and review questions on specific details follow. Answers immediately follow as well as recommendations for additional resources.

For some chapters, activities (experiments) are recommended with forms to fill in data. Where appropriate, graphs and diagrams from the research are included.

This manual turns a popular discussion of a difficult but important subject into an interesting teaching tool and learning project. Recommended for educators and their students, and for all who want a user friendly guide to the book which discusses the results of the RATE project.

Don DeYoung. 2006. Study guide: Thousands… not Billions. ICR. 64 pages.

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July 2007

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