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Johannes Kepler: Hero of Creation

Johannes Kepler: Hero of Creation


Book Review by Alisha Bain

Did you know that Johannes Kepler’s incredible achievements in science were influenced by his Christian faith? I learned this fact from a new book called Johannes Kepler: Exploring the Mysteries of God’s Universe by Michael Stamp and Christy Hardy. This book is in the Heroes of Creation Series and it is produced by ICR (Institute for Creation Research). This title has lots of information about space discoveries made from 1560-1630, and shares about faith and God’s creation.

This book is interesting for many different ages. I would suggest this book is especially good for anyone 9-12 years old. It has some more challenging words, but it also breaks things down and explains words or what something means with definitions throughout the book. Younger kids can read and enjoy this book too, but might need help from a parent or older sibling to understand the big or more difficult words and concepts. As well, older children can enjoy this book because it has lots of facts and cool topics such as optics findings that Kepler made that are important for us today, what Kepler discovered about ice crystals, Kepler’s 3 laws of planetary motion and more!

Johannes Kepler discovered many things about space. Reading this book, I learned a lot about what people used to think compared to what they know now. Johannes Kepler is a big part of the history of learning about space. I especially enjoyed learning about the discovery of the telescope. Galileo, who discovered the telescope, lived at the same time as Kepler. Using Galileo’s telescope, Kepler confirmed that blurs that had been seen near Jupiter were actually 4 moons.

This book doesn’t only share some facts about space and the life of Johannes Kepler, it shares a faith perspective on space. Your children can read and learn without being confused by things the world believes. The book can help build your kids’ faith as they see how God created the world and space perfectly. It was hard for scientists to believe God when people were constantly saying no, but Kepler stayed true to his faith and that’s a great message.

I think you and your kids will like this book, especially if they love space or are confused on what is true or not. The book about Kepler is fun for many ages, teaches lots on space and helps to build good faith foundations.

Alisha Bain
January 2023

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