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Have you ever had a discussion about creation vs. evolution in which you were asked, “How about the fossil evidence of Neanderthals and the other half-man, half-apes like Lucy?”

I certainly have and usually I try my best to sound intelligent and explain that there isn’t good evidence… but I have to admit that my explanations are often stammered and punctuated with question marks. Not that I think there is evidence of these links, but it is just that I have never actually been able to put together a cohesive couple of sentences that sound convincing!

The DVD ‘The Image of God’ reviews the evolutionary ladder from apes to humans and describes the evidence, or lack thereof, for each step. This film uses a variety of experts in the field, such as Dr. Sigrid Hartwig-Scherer, an anthropologist specializing in fossils, from the University of Munich, Dr. Marvin Lubenow, author of the book Bones of Contention, and Dr. Chris Stringer from the Natural History Museum in London.

With some creationist perspectives and some not, the evidence is examined and it becomes obvious that the evolutionary ladder progresses from apes to human with nothing to link the two to each other. It is not really a ladder per se, but more of an evolutionary leap of faith. Even the evolutionists have to admit that there are “things that don’t fit easily” and that the basis of the scientific evidence depends on what you consider as markers of the ape kind or of humanity.

Although this film is not as ‘catchy’ as others in terms of music and photography, it delivers its message with solid information presented in an easy to understand format. As for myself, after watching this film, I feel prepared to discuss human evolution with whoever is willing – and to do so intelligently! Of course some reading on the topic would definitely be a bonus too.

Sarah Robert
June 2008

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