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First Class Resources for FREE!

First Class Resources for FREE!


One family, with one child in high school, one in junior high and one in elementary school, were going to start with just one video clip from Michael Behe. The idea was, like the thin edge of the wedge, to first catch their attention. But everyone was so intrigued, that they watched all five episodes in one sitting!

To access this series, google Michaelbehe.com and click on Secrets of the Cell. This takes you to the videos with links to all five episodes. Each 4 – 8 minute episode provides insights on some intriguing discovery in science. The titles of the episodes are as follows: Someone must have the answer; the complexity of Life; the power of evolution (actually this episode demonstrates that it is not evolution but design which brings about purpose and planning in biology; the effects of mutation; and the X factor of life. Viewers will find that the visual effects are amazing. Not only do we see beautiful animals, but we also see intricate animated illustrations of molecular machines operating in the living cell. Michael Behe’s discussion is not only interesting, but full of humour.

Once your family is excited about discussions of origins, you cannot go wrong by showing them an eleven-minute discussion displaying the impossibility of even beginning a spontaneous origin of life.  Google    thejohn1010project.com/first-life.html     Again the visual effects are wonderful and the discussion is clear and interesting.

The John 10:10 Project was founded by the same people who developed Illustra Media, the producers of such wonderful DVDs as Metamorphosis. The films on the John 10:10 website are produced to nurture a deeper understanding of God. Their videos are freely available for viewing on-line. Expect the same amazing visual quality as in the Illustra Media titles. For topics from science, click on Awesome Wonder.




September 2020

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