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October 24 & 25, 2014  in Edmonton

Ever since Dr. Steve Austin earned his Ph.D. in coal geology from Pennsylvania State University, he has shared his expertise with Christians eager to understand how nature expresses what the Bible tells us happened in the past. Indeed, when it comes to geological research, Dr. Austin’s resume goes on and on, all of it exciting!

Dr. Austin was just out of graduate school and newly appointed to the Institute for Creation Research when the CSAA brought him to Alberta in 1981 to present lectures at their Summer Institute. Since then, CSAA has sponsored several lecture series by Dr. Austin, always to critical acclaim. The last occasion was in 2009.

Research Projects unique to Dr. Austin

Each time Dr. Austin comes, he has exciting new material from his research, conducted at locations on six of the seven continents. Among his special topics are the “floating mat theory” concerning how plants which later turned into coal, were deposited in thin layers over large areas (as a result of Noah’s flood). An extension of this was his observations on floating log mats at Mount St. Helens in the aftermath of the 1980 volcanic eruption there. He also made many other observations there which have interesting implications.

The list of research topics includes radiometric dating of rocks in the Grand Canyon and at Mount St. Helens, the discovery of a 2-metre thick layer of rock in the Grand Canyon which contains the shells of huge numbers of octopus-like creatures. These animals lived in long cone-shaped shells, and it is the shells that are thickly strewn in a bed that extends over 300 km, almost to Las Vegas. A most unusual catastrophe trapped these animals.  Also he studied the Santa Cruz River valley in Argentina, discovering that this region could only have been carved by a mega-flood, as was the Grand Canyon.

Earthquakes Connected to Biblical Events

Among Dr. Austin’s other interests are catastrophic plate tectonics concerning a possible  model for the onset of the flood, and earthquakes recorded in the Bible. One of his most interesting current projects is documentation of the aftermath of the 33 A.D. earthquake in Jerusalem at the time of the crucifixion.

Save the Date

For more than 37 years Dr. Austin was Senior Research Scientist for the Institute for Creation Research. More recently he has shared his talents as adjunct professor of geology at Cedarville University in Ohio and as Senior Research Geologist at Logos Research Associates with the objective to uphold a high view of science and a high view of Scripture. Dr. Austin belongs to several professional organizations including Geological Society of America, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and Creation Geology Society (of which he is president).

The Creation Science Association of Alberta therefore is delighted to announce that our Creation Weekend, Friday and Saturday, October 24 and 25 in Edmonton will feature Dr. Steve Austin. His lecture titles are as follows: Continental Sprint and the Global Flood; the Five Signs on the Day of the Cross; Understanding Grand Canyon; and the Jerusalem Earthquake of 33 A.D.: Evidence in Laminated Dead Sea Sediments. The venue is Mill Woods Assembly (66 St and 23 Avenue, the same as previously) and we will again offer a free continental breakfast on the Saturday morning before the first lecture in the morning.

Dr. Austin is exceptionally qualified and an interesting and wonderful speaker. Be sure to invite your pastor, friends and family to these sessions which are free of charge!!!

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July 2014

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