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Expect the Exciting

Expect the Exciting


While Kurt Wise’s original field of expertise is fossils, readers of his book Faith, Form and Time will discover that he is also very familiar with mathematics, astronomy, biology and of course, Scripture. This is what makes him so interesting to listen to.

Actually his interest in Scripture and science goes back to his junior high and high school years. According to a personal account of this time in his life (published in the book in six days: why fifty scientists choose to believe in creation [edited by John F. Ashton]), Kurt Wise discusses how he agonized over the issue of evolution.

In the eighth grade, having entered an elaborate project on evolution into a large science fair, the young Kurt began to worry about conflicts between this material and his Christian faith. Later, in high school, he set out to physically cut from the Bible every verse which could not be accepted if evolution were true. It took him months to proceed through the whole Bible (he was nothing if not thorough!!)

When he had finished, he discovered that the book was in tatters. One would have to accept evolution or Scripture. The two were obviously incompatible. He therefore accepted Scripture although he believed he was throwing away his dreams of studying science. Those fears, of course, were not realized. We know that he actually achieved his dream of a doctorate in palaeontology from Harvard University.

Dr. Wise is obviously a very interesting man. We in Alberta are excited that he is coming to Edmonton to speak on the weekend of October 18, 2008. His first lecture, scheduled for 7:30 PM on Friday, October 17 will be Floating a Forest: A Study in Creationist Theory Formation. This lecture will be especially aimed at post secondary students, but everyone is invited. It will be held at King’s University College, 9125-50 Street, Edmonton.

Then on Saturday morning, Dr. Wise will lecture on The Pre-flood World. In the afternoon he will lecture on A Global Flood Model of Earth History and in the evening he will discuss The Post-Flood World: Morphing Moles and Left-over Catastrophism. The venue will be the South Edmonton Alliance Church, 6508-31 Avenue, Edmonton.

July 2008

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