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Creation Science Association of Albert is delighted to present David Coppedge as the featured speaker for our Creation Weekend 2020. Due to the COVID 19 restrictions, Creation Weekend will be a one evening online event this year.  David Coppedge was exceptionally well received with his presentations in Edmonton in 2012. Now in 2020, his return promises another tour de force with a presentation entitled Creation is Awe Inspiring! This event will take place on Friday evening, October 23, 2020 at 7:30 pm. To participate in this session, register at www.create.ab.ca/register.  Once you register you will receive a confirmation email, and closer to the event you will receive an email with further details.

David Coppedge was Team Lead Administrator for nine of the years 1997-2011, when he worked for Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California as a system administrator for NASA’s Cassini Mission to Saturn. This was a highly exciting time to be involved in the exploration of space and Saturn is perhaps the most exciting planet to study with its systems of rings and moons.

Also, in the year 2000, David Coppedge founded Creation Evolution Headlines, an on-line source of daily informed commentary on current articles in scientific journals. His web-site averages about 15,000 hits per month. In addition, more than thirty years ago he founded Creation Safaris, an outreach ministry with the objective of helping young people (and others) to consider God’s plan (as revealed in the Bible) as these participants experience some unique and amazing wilderness areas in the American west.

But that is not all! David Coppedge is also on the board of directors of Illustra Media which has produced such amazing DVDs as Privileged Planet,  Living Waters, and Metamorphosis.

For recreation, when he has time, David Coppedge composes music. He dedicated his Apollo March (premiered by the US Air Force Band Golden West on the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon) to friend Dr. Henry Richter. Dr. Richter is famous for having headed development of the free world’s first successfully launched satellite Explorer I in 1957. More recently Dr. Richter and David Coppedge collaborated on a book on creation entitled Spaceship Earth (published by Creation Ministries International).

Creation Weekend, on Friday, October 23,  is an opportunity to learn yet again from this talented specialist in the creation, especially in nature, and space.  Be sure to sign up for this free event. Invite your friends to  sign up and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, as well! Let us all enjoy his presentation together!

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September 2020

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