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Creation Weekend 2022

Creation Weekend 2022


You are invited to
Creation Weekend 2022
Featuring Patricia Engler
Youth Outreach Coordinator for Answers in Genesis and author of a new book Prepare to Thrive

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Hybrid Event with In Person or Online Options
In Person Option
– View presentations on a large screen and meet others.
– Browse books and DVDs provided for sale.
– No need to register for this option.
– Location: Meadowlands Baptist Church (2215 17 St NW, Edmonton)
– Attendance is free.

At Home Option
– Watch presentations using Zoom.
– Register for free at www.create.ab.ca/register

10:00 a.m. – Session 1
Understanding Genesis,
the Foundation of our Christian Faith
Why are Western nations growing less Christian every year – and what can we do about it? Find out why Genesis provides the foundation for the Biblical worldview, what happens when we compromise that foundation, and how everyday Christians can respond.

2:00 p.m. – Session 2
Stories from Backpacking Around the World
in Search of Christian Students
How do Christian students around the world keep their faith? To find out, Patricia backpacked around the world interviewing students. With a country-by-country retelling of her experiences, key takeaways from interviews, and stories of God’s provision along the way, this presentation combines topics of apologetics, higher education, and the adventure of the Christian life.

Creation Science Association of Alberta is delighted to invite you to hear Patricia Engler, Youth Outreach Coordinator for Answers in Genesis and author of a new book Prepare to Thrive. Patricia will be our featured speaker for Creation Weekend 2022.

For a start, Patricia is a homeschooling success story. Even as a young teenager, she knew that she was interested in Christian apologetics, and that she wanted to make a difference in the world. Her interest in apologetics centred on the desire to help Christian students, and all Christians, think critically about any material that challenges their faith.

At first, she was not that interested in biology, with its intensive focus on evolution. That changed when she learned about the consequences and the impact that evolution theory has on many people. The exclusive emphasis of evolutionary arguments on matter and process rather than on the work of God means that in science, God is completely separated from His creation. That means, declares Patricia: “And while Christians have different interpretations of how God created humanity, it is still a central tenet of Christianity that humans are made in His image. However, it is a central tenet of secular humanism that humans arose naturalistically. This is the view taught exclusively to millions of students worldwide.” [Engler personal website] Indeed almost every biology student is faced with concerns about the relationship of what they are taught to their faith.

Patricia Engler with her mentor,
Dr. Margaret Helder

It was evident to Patricia that to meaningfully critique something like evolution, she would need to become familiar with the topic. Thus, she included biology in her educational program. To better understand the details and implications of this field of study, Patricia sought out biologist Dr. Margaret Helder of CSAA. Their discussions continued occasionally for junior high, high school and through university as Patricia studied some of the most evolutionary-intensive courses available while completing her B.Sc. (with distinction) from a secular Canadian university.

Of course, one of the things that Patricia discovered in her educational journey is that it is not enough to merely understand the problems with evolution theory. Lots of specialists know all this, but since they are committed to the issue, they do not reject evolution. This is where apologetics comes in. “I learned firsthand the importance of maintaining a close walk with God, and of building strong spiritual, intellectual and interpersonal foundations both before and during higher education.” [Engler personal website]

In addition to her educational background, Patricia has revealed herself as a lively and engaging personality. She has variously worked for a garden centre, volunteered in Uganda for three months at age 18, and most spectacularly and recently embarked on a DIY solo mission trip around the world in 180 days. During this time, she sought out Christian students in other cultures to find out how they deal with challenges to their faith. She lists her passions as apologetics, outdoor adventures and eating Dutch licorice! (Dutch licorice, by the way, is an acquired taste and one that most people do not exhibit.) And besides all that, she plays the ukulele!

One of Patricia’s best-known programs with Answers in Genesis is CT Scan or Critical Thinking Scan, a weekly discussion with annotated text and video presentation of important topics connected to origins or Christian life. Her newly released book is Prepare to Thrive: A Survival Guide for Christian Students. Answers in Genesis. pp. 295.

CSAA is looking forward, with great anticipation, to Patricia’s presentations for Creation Weekend.

  • Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend!
  • Free!
  • Register at www.create.ab.ca/register
  • When you register for the online option, a confirmation email will be sent with more information to follow closer to the event date.

Email questions to info@create.ab.ca

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