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Creation Weekend 2019

Creation Weekend 2019


Friday and Saturday – October 25 and 26, 2019

Featuring Dr. Margaret Helder

  • Original research in algae, aquatic fungi and freshwater ecology
  • Taught biology to university and high school levels, and home school science workshops for all grades
  • Science writer for Dialogue and Reformed Perspective and other Christian publications
  • Expert witness at a trial on creation/evolution in the United States


Friday, October 25
7:30 PM – Movie

The Riot and the Dance: a Cinematic Celebration of Creation by Gorilla Poet Production
featuring Dr. Gordon Wilson
Perfect for the whole family and youth groups! View the movie trailer

Saturday, October 26
9:00 AM – Complimentary Light Refreshments

10:00 AM – Presentation
Featuring Dr. Margaret Helder
God’s Signature in Nature Demands a Response
Living creatures display components that function beautifully and are artistic as well. Even details at the microscopic level are amazing! The more we understand, the greater is our appreciation of God’s handiwork.

11:30 AM – CSAA Annual General Meeting

12:15 PM – Luncheon
(Reservations and tickets ONLY required for the Luncheon)

Selection of soups, salads, 

and sandwiches as well as dessert and beverages$13.00 per ticket
(Children 10 & under – $6.50)

(Children 3 & under – free)

Some tickets will be available at the book table while supplies last.

2:00 PM – Closing Session
Featuring Dr. Margaret Helder
Setting One’s Compass by Biblical Standards
Just as a compass provides directions to follow, so the Bible provides standards for our interactions with other people, even with such complicated issues as abortion, euthanasia, treatment of minorities, land use, energy policy and food security.

Free Admission

Free admission.  Donations to the program and conference expenses are appreciated.  Donate online.


Immanuel Canadian Reformed Church
21112 – 35 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Each year in the fall, Creation Science Association of Alberta sponsors a weekend of teaching and fellowship. Every year it becomes more apparent that many Christian young people and others are confused about what the Bible tells us about the creation. They wonder whether the Bible tells us anything about actual beginnings and whether it matters. It becomes hard for these people to figure out how mankind was made in God’s image if evolution (as they are taught in school) indeed occurred. Are people different from animals if we descended from animal ancestors? Should our ethics reflect evolutionary values or Biblical standards?

In this milieu of uncertainty, the CSAA brings a clear message: good science conforms to the Bible. There is no need to be confused about the reliability of the early chapters of Genesis on account of many scientific pronouncements. And there is no need to feel conflicted over social standards that are clearly contrary to the Bible. For those who are looking for answers, or just plain interesting presentations, this weekend is for you! Mark the date on your calendar and plan to attend with family and friends.

The theme for Creation Weekend 2019 is “What the World Needs Now is Truth!” In this context the movie The Riot and the Dance: a Cinematic Celebration of Creation is scheduled to be shown Friday evening October 25. This 84 minute film features Dr. Gordon Wilson who was our very appreciated speaker at Creation Weekend 2018. With its beautiful portrayal of the lives of a wide variety of animals, this film is ideal for families and young people’s groups as well as everybody who loves nature. What do the lives of these creatures tell us that is relevant to Genesis? Come, see the film, to find out!  View the movie trailer.

The featured speaker this year is Dr. Margaret Helder, President of CSAA. Dr. Helder came to Alberta from Quebec and Ontario. She studied botany at Western University, earning a Ph.D. in botany there. She even described a species of fungus new to science (Chytridium deltanum) named for the Delta Marsh in Manitoba where she conducted her field research in the summer. After that she went to Brock University to teach biology. There she met her husband John.

The Helders have lived in Alberta 40 years and during most of that time they have been very active in CSAA. Dr. Helder has lectured in every Canadian province from Ontario to B.C, in two American states and in Western Australia and she testified as an expert witness on origins at a court trial in Arkansas. One of her long-term projects has been the provision of creation-based commentary in a Tour Guide to the Royal Tyrrell Museum (now in its fifth edition). Most recently her No Christian Silence on Science (book and companion study guide) has been published by CSAA. The book provides a lot of interesting discussions about nature, the details of which are not widely known. The book also includes discussion of environmental and bioethical issues, the importance of evaluating scientific pronouncements (that does not mean they are all wrong, it just means that you should critically consider whether they are wrong) and how to handle conflicts in any classroom.  Dr. Helder also has conducted numerous field trips and hands on science classes for families.

Dr. Helder’s presentation “God’s Signature in Creation Demands a Response.”  The creation displays artistic and functional attributes which convey a powerful message. We have long understood that living creatures display component parts that work beautifully and are similarly integrated into a whole body that allows the creature to survive the challenges of its environment and successfully produce off spring. In addition to this however, nature is beautiful! The artistic details of microscopic components are even more beautiful, in many cases, than the outward appearance of the creature.  Topics like this are not only fun, but they enhance our appreciation of God’s handiwork.

Dr. Helder’s presentation “Setting One’s Compass by Biblical Standards” deals with the many issues that plague modern society. Just as a compass indicates the direction to follow, so the Bible provides standards for us to follow in our interactions with other people. Issues like abortion, euthanasia, treatment of minorities, land use, energy policy, and food security all come under this large umbrella. Compare this discussion with what you have been taught. Christian choices are going to look a whole lot different from society’s choices.

The venue for Creation Weekend (October 25 & 26, 2019) is Immanuel Canadian Reformed Church, 21112  35 Avenue NW in Edmonton.  Plan for this weekend which promises to be richly rewarding in insights and fellowship!  Admission is free!

Spread the News!

Personal contact with friends, and support from local churches, are very important in encouraging people to come. We have Creation Weekend information packages for pastors/churches and teachers. We encourage you to ask your contacts if they are interested in this upcoming event. If so, we will send you a packet(s) to give to them, or if you prefer, we will send the packet to the contact with his/her name and yours included.  Contact us.

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