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Celebrating a Milestone!!

Celebrating a Milestone!!


It seems a long time ago, yet not a long time ago at all. In the early 1970s Alberta was poised to see a mass immigration of Canadians from other parts of the country, and later people from other parts of the world. The promise of a new prosperity lured many to the province. But ideas were changing too and the schools in the province were about to see a new emphasis on increasingly blatant humanistic and pro-evolution content, especially in science and social studies.

Since they had front row seats for observing these changes, a number of junior high and high school teachers decided to do something about this. At the very least, they could inform others about what was taking place. Teachers from Grande Prairie, Hythe, Lacombe, Edmonton and Stettler established a Committee for True Education in 1973 which morphed into the Creation Science Association of Alberta in 1975. The first issue of Dialogue was published in 1974. That issue, as special recognition, was printed in its entirety by the Alberta Science Teachers’ Council and distributed in schools throughout the province. Now we have reached volume 50 #1.  This is an amazing milestone for an association made up of volunteers!

One representative of the original committee, declared on the occasion of the printing of volume 1 #1 of Dialogue, that it was the hope of the organizers to promote scientific creation in the schools of Alberta as a valid alternative to the theory of evolution. And he further promised that his committee was doing their part to support this agenda “by publishing the periodical Dialogue and circulating it in the intellectual community of Alberta.”

Generations of students have since passed through Alberta schools. The curriculum has changed multiple times and the emphasis on evolution has only increased. But Creation Science Association of Alberta has continued an active program including the publishing of Dialogue. It is apparent, given our roots, that we still exhibit an emphasis on good scientific information which conforms to the Bible. This publication and CSAA seek to encourage and to promote an appreciation of interesting information about nature which surely reflects the glory and work of God, the Creator. Our whole agenda and the resources that we make available, all are chosen to foster good education in the schools and good lifelong learning!

CSAA, though the years, has provided valuable resources and opportunities for learning to the people of Alberta and beyond. Our newest initiative is designed to provide amazing information and resources to high school, post-secondary and all interested adults where they are, which is often online. Our HeadStart resource is user friendly in every possible way. Now we are developing a Junior HeadStart resource aimed at the junior high level. Discussions of earth history, rocks and fossils as well as ecosystems, energy, richness and variety of life forms, wonderful design, and environmental principles, will all be discussed with a Christian emphasis. With thanksgiving for past blessings, CSAA looks forward to future programs and future service in Alberta.

March 2023

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