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Young and older, learning together

Young and older, learning together


There are not many books written to appeal to, and to educate the whole family, from young children to adults. This however is one such book.  The purpose of this publication is to instruct everyone about the past history of the world’s first people, Adam and Eve. Each detail in the Genesis account is featured in a two page spread. The first page consists of a beautiful full colour illustration. Several of the nature and garden scenes place Adam (and later also Eve), in beautiful surroundings which include various animals including dinosaurs. The unwritten message is how wide was the variety of animals with which the first couple would have been familiar. Thus each brief text with the accompanying illustration, serves to focus discussion on the significance of one event. How was Adam able to name the various creatures? What was the significance of the couple eating the forbidden fruit? What happened after the couple was forced from the garden?

The objective of this book is to provide a timely response to growing confusion among Christians concerning the early chapters of Genesis. Did the events as described really happen? This book allows the whole family to picture how these events transpired. A centrefold dramatically illustrates the contrast between the idyllic garden scene and the post-fall lifestyle. The scene changes to much drier conditions with less vegetation and greenery, with a pregnant Eve and with Adam toiling to maintain his crops. The contrast is a perfect focal point to discuss the appearance of death, disease and disasters in the new world order. The discussion continues however with the hope of the gospel message.

This book then is a charming addition to the education of the whole family, not least the young children. Adults can focus on the text, and youngsters can study the illustrations. Everybody learns at their own level. The attractive format of the book makes it a perfect gift for grandchildren, friends and family.

Ken Ham. 2012. The True Account of Adam and Eve. Master Books. Hardcover. Full colour. 50 pp.

May 2013

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