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Wonderful New Book from Dr. Bergman

Wonderful New Book from Dr. Bergman


Dr. Jerry Bergman, who needs no introduction to readers of Dialogue, is the author of a delightful new book for families and animal-lovers and all who enjoy fascinating details from nature. Readers of Dialogue, for more than fifteen years, have been blessed with little known insights into some well-known creatures. His new book Wonderful and Bizarre Life Forms and Creation is a collection of the “best of Bergman” from Dialogue plus a few completely new chapters. The twenty-three chapters present each creature with pictures and highlights. This is an attractive and well documented book in full colour, which will inspire much reflection and discussion. Many will want to buy several copies, one for personal use, and others for those special people in their lives!

Among scientists who communicate extensively about creation, Dr. Bergman stands out as a most remarkable individual. As a bright young lad, he became interested in astronomy, biology and chemistry from his atheistic but academically inclined father. His mother was religious, but a member of a group hostile to Christians. Over many years, Jerry studied and rejected his mother’s religion. He then turned to his father’s atheism. In support of this position he read large amounts of the mainstream scientific literature on evolution. Eventually he found the scientific literature on evolution did not explain what we see in nature.

He then sought information on Islam, Judaism and Christianity in order to find out who the Creator might be. Soon he became convinced that it was the Bible that provides the truth about creation, the Creator and salvation, and he became a Christian. This past experience of voracious reading, his many academic degrees and bright mind (he is a member of Mensa) explain why he is so passionate about Creation and so interested in such a wide variety of scientific disciplines. We, in Alberta, saw first-hand Dr. Bergman’s broad interests in the fall of 2011 when he was our featured speaker at Creation Weekend that year.

We also see Dr. Bergman’s wide-ranging interests in the books that he has researched and authored. The early title Vestigial Organs are Fully Functional came from his researches into evolution. The title Slaughter of the Dissidents documents the history of persecution of those who question Darwinism in academia in the United States. Persuaded by the Evidence (edited by Doug Sharp and Jerry Bergman) provides personal accounts of how many scientists came to embrace creation. The Dark Side of Charles Darwin documents the impact of social Darwinism in recent history. How Darwinism Corrodes Morality documents the motives of many individuals who have had a very negative impact on our society based on their atheistic and pro-evolution worldviews. Evolution’s Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries provides some fascinating accounts of ways in which false conclusions about origins have misled society. These, and many other titles by Dr. Bergman, are all important books for adults, devoted to serious topics. But until now Dr. Bergman has not authored a youth-oriented discussion of the creation.

Dr. Bergman’s broad interests in zoology are reflected in his new book. Very few of us display the drive to discover so many fascinating subjects for study and to share this information with others. Included in the line-up are earthworms, octopus and an extinct trilobite, but also fishes, a reptile, birds, and many weird marsupials and ordinary mammals. Most of us are aware that these creatures exist, but we did not realize how interesting they are.

In addition to the fun and interesting details, Dr. Bergman’s objective is to communicate some of the interest and variety that we see in the Creation and how all of these details testify, not to an evolutionary origin, but to God the Creator of all things.

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September 2020

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