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Review Anyone?

Review Anyone?


Review of Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels (book)

Like Alice of Wonderland fame (in Through the Looking Glass), who found that she had to run extremely fast just to stay in the same place, so also it is hard to maintain an up-to-date understanding in science. The scientific journals constantly churn out new articles with new information and arguments. Keeping up to date is hard work! But it is extremely helpful to have an understanding of current issues in science and their significance. This makes the new book Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels (Robert Carter, Editor) and its companion DVD of the same title, extremely relevant.

This new book is a classy volume with excellent full colour illustrations. Each chapter deals with issues such as the process of natural selection, molecular machines and DNA, radiometric dating, ethics and morality (as impacted by social Darwinism), fossils and origin of life speculations. The discussion is well foot-noted and includes examples which are not well known, and so are very interesting. Even the chapter on radiometric dating techniques, with its ample use of illustrations, is much more user friendly than most such treatments.

Recommended for anyone who has an interest in current arguments in science and how none of these issues support evolution theory.

Robert Carter (Editor). 2014. Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels. Creation Book Publishers. Powder Springs, Georgia. 272 pages.


Review of Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels (DVD)

Creation Ministries International

As with the book of the same title, the DVD Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels is again a classy product. This one features interviews with fifteen scientists. This is not a “talking heads” kind of program but one that is accompanied by spectacular visual effects. The depiction of the Flood, for example, is extremely impressive. Every topic comes complete with beautiful illustrations. This DVD is 96 minutes long and includes discussion on the same topics as in the book of the same title. In addition, subtitles are available in 16 languages. One good way to enjoy this video would be to view one topic at a time and then discuss it with friends and/or family. The discussion level, like the book, is intermediate.

Review of Privileged Species (DVD)

Discovery Institute

Sometimes it is good to take stock and reflect on how wonderfully the universe, and our world, are designed to support human life.  The DVD Privileged Species looks at three particularly important molecules without which life would not be possible. These are carbon, water and oxygen. With beautiful visual illustrations, Australian geneticist Michael Denton explains why and how these three commodities are so important. Lastly, Dr. Denton examines various features of our body design which render us unique and effective at our tasks. The program is 30 minutes long, perfect for catching the interest, and fostering discussion among junior high viewers up to interested adults.



June 2015

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