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Quality Programs for Free

Quality Programs for Free


There are some useful and visually attractive programs available on YouTube. For example, Privileged Species (previously reviewed in Dialogue) at 32 minutes, has already recorded 33,300 views. However for better quality display, a DVD is required which CSAA sells for $15.00 each.

Several years ago CSAA distributed free copies of the DVD Programming of Life which runs 44 minutes and is produced by LaBarge Media (with Don Johnson). We distributed this to high school and university students, teachers, and pastors. This program examines mathematical issues concerning the living cell. In this context, information is a critical feature of living cells. The kind of information required (proscriptive) involves instructions. From that discussion we proceed to protein manufacturing which is illustrated with beautiful graphics. We then learn the essential features of a computer and how the cell demonstrates these capacities.

The discussion now moves into the definition and proper use of statistical terms relating to how probable an event might be. We learn that many statements concerning the origin of life, in fact convey an inaccurate confidence that the process ever took place. We find that the chance of life spontaneously evolving is operationally impossible. Indeed what is required to produce life is an intelligent mind.A new video Programming of life2: EARTH runs 36 minutes .This program considers life on a larger platform than the previous video. We look first at the chemical elements, building blocks of all compounds. We see how water and carbon dioxide are particularly important for life (by virtue of their special features). (Privileged Species also discusses this topic). There follows discussion of hundreds of parameters which must be precisely right in order for life to exist. (This part of the discussion comes from Hugh Ross, many of whose conclusions we do not support — but this part is OK.) Lastly the video discusses topics which do not fit evolutionary scenarios, such as population genetics, vestigial organs, the ENCODE study on the functional status of DNA, and the Cambrian explosion.

These videos are free for viewing on YouTube, and they may be shown for free also to audiences for educational purposes. This seems like an excellent opportunity to enjoy good graphics and good discussions at a price that is hard to beat!! (Access POL2:EARTH through the first version).

October 2015

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