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Geologist Dr. Steven Austin has promised to provide Albertans with some fascinating and exciting information when he comes to Edmonton for the November 6-7 weekend. On the Friday evening, November 6 (Millbourne Alliance Church), he has promised to discuss “Mount St. Helens : Explosive Evidence for Creation.”  Since the eruption of that volcano in 1980, Dr. Austin has presented this material to many audiences and the response is always very positive.

Then the next morning complimentary brunch will be available at Mill Woods Assembly 66th Street and 23rd Avenue. At 10 a.m. Dr. Austin will lecture on an exciting new topic “Where Charles Darwin Went Wrong.” This is based on his December 2008 visit to this remote region in southern Argentina. Then at 1:30 p.m. in the same facility Dr. Austin will lecture on “Geology and the Global Flood.” This will include the results of his research from various locations around the world. The formal topics to be covered here include sedimentation, tectonics, erosion, volcanism and exponential decline. The topics may sound formal, but they come to life when Dr. Austin deals with them! Lastly in the evening also at Mill Woods Assembly (all day Saturday) Dr. Austin will present “The Search for Sodom and Gomorrah”, based on his explorations in Israel and Jordan. What an exciting conclusion to a remarkable week-end!

Dr. Austin brings a wealth of research expertise as well as teaching and speaking experience to his upcoming visit to Edmonton. A popular creation-based speaker on geology, Dr. Austin did not start out critical of the evolution model. When he began his Bachelor of Science studies at the University of Washington, he had no reason to question the standard evolutionary outlook on nature. While an undergraduate however, having become a Christian, he decided that the facts did not fit the evolution model. Having received his B.S. degree, he then went to San Jose State University for his M.S. degree. His thesis topic there was a critical review of the standard evolutionary interpretation of earth history.

Dr. Austin’s Ph.D., completed in 1979 at Pennsylvania State University, dealt with a flood based interpretation of the Kentucky no. 12 coal bed. This layer of coal was too uniform and too widespread to fit the popular evolution based swamp theory. A massive floating log mat fit the data much better. One year later, Mount St. Helens erupted, resulting in a floating log mat in nearby Spirit Lake. This became the first research project of Dr. Austin’s professional career. Among Dr. Austin’s numerous fascinating discoveries is a fossil bed in a remote region of the Grand Canyon. In this fossil bed are countless cigar shaped nautiloid fossils (like squid with a shell). Their density and orientation tell a most interesting tale of waterborne catastrophe.

Besides professional consulting on coal and oil resources, Dr. Austin has also taught graduate courses in geology at the Institute for Creation Research, directed graduate students and of course, carried out many fascinating research projects. We in Alberta expect to learn some interesting new insights. Be sure to book the week-end of November 6 and 7/09 for this exciting event in Edmonton!

June 2009

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