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This DVD features discussion by Dr. Andrew Snelling, author of Earth’s Catastrophic Past, an 1100 page work which discusses multiple issues connected to the worldwide flood of Noah. This man is well known for his work on radiometric dating, some of it with the RATE project from Institute for Creation Research, which examined the significance of various dating techniques for conclusions about the age of the earth. He declares firstly that we only think of the earth as old because we expect the rocks to be old, based on a comparison with geological processes going on today. However instead of the present interpreting the past, we should rather turn our understanding around and realize that what happened in the past, explains what we see in the present.

A hard rock geologist with a Ph.D. from University of Sydney, Australia, in this video Dr. Snelling considers several geological evidences connected to the flood. For example, marine fossils in numerous rock layers found lying over continents demonstrate that ocean waters flooded over the continents. In addition, extensive fossil graveyards, and the exquisite preservation thereof, demonstrate the rapid burial of animals and plants. Next he considers examples of sediments that were rapidly deposited over vast areas, much more extensively than any normal flood today could achieve. In the same context, we find examples of sediments which were carried across continents. And the smooth deposition surfaces between rock layers indicate that the whole process took place very quickly before erosion had a chance to occur.

Dr. Snelling takes us to a number of interesting locations around the globe which illustrate his points. He also uses suitable diagrams. This 47 minute video is recommended for ages 12 and up, and is produced by Answers in Genesis.

Andrew Snelling. 2007. Rock Strata, Fossils and the Flood. Answers in Genesis. 36 min. $13.00.

February 2013

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