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Dr. Gordon Wilson featured speaker at Creation Weekend October 2023
October 27 and 28, 2023
Edmonton, Alberta
Meadowlands Baptist Church

Many people love The Riot and the Dance cinematic celebrations of the creation. Dr. Gordon Wilson is the biologist and narrator of these films. Naturally these wonderful programs call our attention to only a small number of interesting stories from nature. But Dr. Wilson has a great store of interesting discussions on the significance of what nature displays! In his presentations he provides insights on the life cycles, diversity, and relationships of living creatures while at the same time acknowledging the impact of natural evil, a result of God’s curse after the fall of man, which results in predators, parasites and disease impacting all creatures.

Five years ago, Dr. Wilson was our featured speaker at Creation Weekend. He was extremely well received by people of all ages. But we did not hear enough! Happily, Dr. Wilson has agreed to share more insights on the wonderful designs of creatures, both benign and threatening, and the ways in which we can live lives which show respect for the creation at the same time as we use these resources to provide for the lives of all peoples.

Dr. Wilson is Senior Fellow of Natural History at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow Idaho. He is author of The Riot and the Dance (2015) textbook on biology, and A Different Shade of Green (2019) a discussion of environmental issues. At New Saint Andrews he lectures on biology, entomology (insects), herpetology (reptiles), creation/evolution, marine biology and Genesis. He also frequently writes articles for Answers in Genesis magazine.

More details available soon at www.create.ab.ca

July 2023

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