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Carol Tupper

Carol Tupper


Carol Tupper is an Albertan, an artist, and an author. Born and raised in southern Alberta, she loves the prairies and has also fallen in love with our forests and the Canadian Rockies. Since early childhood, Carol has enjoyed art and English. Both are gifts that she is using for the benefit of many. The town of Three Hills sports a mural done by Carol. She wrote her first book in grade nine for her nephew.

Carol grew up in a family that modeled a love for God’s Creation. One particular event she remembers is finding a bird’s nest one summer. Her whole family studied it, and when they were done, her mother carefully placed it on a prominent shelf in their living room.

As a teen, this love of creation, combined with a faith in the Creator, answered a lot of questions that regular teenagers struggled with. Rather than rebelling, she found this to be a time to examine and solidify the foundations of her faith. Knowing her creator and the security of His love has developed into a deep faith with a quiet confidence. Out of a love for both God and children, Carol team-teaches a Sunday School class for 4-6 year olds. As is often the case in small country churches, the budget for materials is small. Someone has observed that necessity is the mother of invention. That appears to be true for Carol. Often she finds herself composing poems, and even songs for their Sunday school class.

Researching for one lesson, she came across the book Bomby, the Bombardier Beetle, by Hazel May Rue, but realized it was too advanced for her class. However it sparked an idea. Carol started looking up everything she could find about bombardier beetles. After the research was done, a story was written and illustrated to show the wonder of creation, and the results of sin. The end product? Blaster: a Bombardier Beetle Family Story, written and illustrated by Carol Tupper (and for sale by CSAA).

While Blaster looks at one small part of creation, Carol likes to look at the big picture, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelations 22: 21. Carol believes that art has a unique nonthreatening way about it that allows her to explore and expound on foundational truths. Carol is a talented young lady with a strong faith, an attitude of servanthood, a willing mind and loving heart. We will no doubt hear more about her in the coming years.

December 2004

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