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Book Review by Margaret Helder

Dr. Gordon Wilson has written a nice new book, Darwin’s Sandcastle, for Christians who are not scientists but who desire to be informed, but not burdened with details concerning science and origins. Such people understand that they need to keep mentally alert concerning their worldview. This means not shutting themselves off from important topics like the foundations of Christian doctrine and history. The objective of many Christians therefore is to share their worldview with others and not become bowled over by contrary views. While most people do not specialize in science, they can at least familiarize themselves with the basic issues.

Darwin’s Sandcastle provides a positive discussion of the young earth position. The chapters are generally brief, with very few footnotes or other documentation. The longest chapter, and one of the most interesting, with most illustrations, is on the fossil record (testimony of the entombed).

The discussion begins with a discussion of the foundational importance of Genesis 1-11. In succeeding chapters Dr. Wilson discusses whether long age interpretations of Genesis are in fact true to what is written there. The next chapter shares with us the difficulties encountered in radiometric dating. Next we hear about how mutations and natural selection cannot explain where the information in new designs of creature came from, if not from the Creator. After the chapter on the fossil record, research on “pre-human” fossils is reviewed. An expose on the difficulties encountered in origin of life research, is totally fun. This discussion morphs beautifully into the testimony for design in molecular machines.

Later Dr. Wilson turns his attention to created kinds, but he is somewhat ambivalent on this topic compared to some other influential creation apologists. Feeling really brave, he then discusses the issue of how predators and disease agents acquired their charcteristics. This too apparently is controversial, but it is interesting to read what the various positions are. He briefly describes some other non-core issues like plate tectonics and geographic distribution of organisms after the flood. Finally, he discusses major divisions and antagonisms that exist within the community of creation apologists. Obviously, the situation needs to be resolved with different factions showing a gracious respect for each other.

Dr. Wilson’s book displays independence of thought compared to some other general books on origins. He however knows and cooperates with many creationists and he has had lots of experience teaching and sharing details of the Creation. His writing style is informal, which make the discussion easier to follow for the general interest reader. This is an up-to-date fun overview of young earth science which all will find helpful, especially when they discuss such issues with others.

Gordon Wilson. 2023. Darwin’s Sandcastle. Roman Roads Press. pp. 222. Paper. Line drawings.

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July 2024

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