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Tour Guide Coming Soon!

Tour Guide Coming Soon!


Since the early 1990s, CSAA has produced five editions of a Tour Guide to the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Unlike other guides to similar facilities, this guide includes discussion of most exhibits as they are encountered on a trip through the premises. The fifth and last edition was issued in 2014. It clearly is time for a new edition as there have been many changes since then.

Our guide typically begins with interpretive themes which apply to many of the exhibits. This feature will not change in the new edition. What has changed, is discussion of the preliminary exhibits which occupy about half the space available in the museum. The changes include displays up to the Burgess Shale on the mezzanine. 

There were formerly many carnivorous dinosaur and marine reptile exhibits in this early section of the museum. Most of these have been removed to make space for interactive displays on the evidences for evolution, and similar exhibits. The new guide will provide critiques of these displays as well as discussion of new specimens now included.

The great dinosaur hall is for the moment largely unchanged from former years, so that section of the guide will be similar to former editions. The tour guide comes complete with an index which makes it user friendly for locating a discussion of a specific creature wherever it is located in the museum.

CSAA hopes to release the new edition in the spring in time for holiday visits to Drumheller. In the meantime we have free copies of the old edition available with notes to assist in navigating the current displays. Simply request one through our website. We also are compiling a list of people who want to be informed when the new guide is available.

December 2023

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