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The Big History Book

The Big History Book


It went on and on. I kept pulling the panels out and there were more. This book is cool because it has real time lines. It goes from the creation in 4004 B.C. to 2001 when the iPod was invented (I’m not talking about the iPod Touch I mean the original iPod)! That is a lot of fast change!

The book tells us about the early people. We follow Bible history, world events, inventions/technology and civilizations/empires. We see what happened all at the same time. Stonehenge in England was built just after the flood. Most history books don’t tell us that. And it is funny to talk about, but sort of cool, that the yoyo was invented in 500 B.C.

Later on the Vikings began raids in Europe, about 800 A.D. I love their helmets with the horns. They must have looked scary! We come to Marco Polo and Columbus and the age of discovery. Then there were some important inventions like the first bicycle in 1817 and the first chocolate bar in 1849. We end up with the space age and Russian Yuri Gagarin, first man in space. P.S. I love space.

My Mom says this is just an introduction to get me interested in history. There is a downloadable study guide which also comes in hard copy. I may want to read more later but right now I am too busy reading all about the ancient people like the Romans. I really do like the Romans, but this book is still AWESOME!

Master Books 2011. Big Book of History: fifteen foot fold-out time-line from Creation to Modern Computers.

Andrew Bain (age 8)
June 2012

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