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Montana Bound

Montana Bound


Four times a year, a group of scientists who recently participated in more than one million dollars worth of research into radiometric techniques for estimating the age of rocks, now conduct meetings to communicate the results of their research to the public. These scientists sought a fundamental correction to the usual assumptions that the earth is extremely old.

The research, conducted from 1997 to 2005, and sponsored by the Institute for Creation Research and by the Creation Research Society, uncovered previously unknown and highly significant information. Thus far only a few selected communities in the United States have had the privilege of hosting one of these RATE (Radioisotopes and The Age of the Earth) seminars. It is thus all the more special that Bozeman, Montana is scheduled to host such meetings on April 20-22, 2007.

The RATE team will meet at Grace Bible Church, 3625 South 19th Street in Bozeman. This small city is located on Interstate 90 in a broad mountain valley in southwest Montana. The speakers will be meteorologist Dr. Larry Vardiman, physicist Dr. Russell Humphreys, geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling and geophysicist Dr. John Baumgardner. They will present powerful evidence that the radiometric dating methods are unreliable. Furthermore, they have discovered why these methods yield calculated ages of millions and billions of years even although the earth is young.

Based on helium diffusion in zircon crystals, the RATE team has been able to determine that there was a period of accelerated radiometric decay sometime in the past 6000 years. The main RATE presentations will be on Saturday morning, April 21 but the speakers will also discuss other subjects on Saturday afternoon. In addition, scientist emeritus Dr. Duane Gish of ICR, will open the conference on the Friday evening, April 20 with a lecture on fossils and the relevance of Genesis.

Western Canadians, especially those from Alberta, may well find this conference very conveniently situated. There is no fee for attendance and further information can be obtained from the church secretary at 406-586-9782.

Meteorologist Michael Oard of Bozeman, is one of the organizers of this conference. He himself recently presented five lectures in the Edmonton area for the Creation Science Association of Alberta. His lecture topics were “Is Genesis Relevant for Today?”, “Startling Evidence that the Flood Really Happened”, and “An Ice Age Only the Bible Explains It”. His lectures were extremely well received and many people declare that he has provided them with considerable new food for thought.

December 2006

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