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Meeting and Greeting

Meeting and Greeting


This spring, as is their custom, Creation Science Association of Alberta sponsored a book and information booth at Alberta Home Educators’ conference in Red Deer. There are always many details to consider when planning for such a booth. The present inventory of resources must be assessed and books and DVDs ordered to top up the stock. Are there new titles which could be considered? These must be ordered as well. Among new publications this year were new curriculum texts, one available from AiG and one from CMI.

(God’s Design for Life from AiG and Wonders of Creation: Design in a Fallen World from CMI.) Like most texts, these are expensive but definitely worth the money. We also printed a new mini catalogue promoting the new titles.

One popular addition to our booth this year was our “Adopt a Pet” program. Andrea Reitan crafted beautiful small animal stuffies. Among the group were squid which came complete with a tag discussing the significance of their design in creation. Other animals called tardigrades are actually tiny creatures in lakes and ponds. The stuffed toy variety came complete with a tag discussing their significant features and amazing design. There were other animal choices as well. Families which had purchased a minimum of $50.00 worth of resources, could pick a “pet” to adopt. This feature was very popular and caused much joy in the recipient families.

The whole point of providing a booth, as with our whole program, is to provide good information on science and faith and encouragement to interested people. There is nothing like the opportunity for personalized communication with interested individuals. May CSAA long be a source of blessings to many!

July 2023

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