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God of Wonders: DVD Review

God of Wonders: DVD Review


God of Wonders: Exploring The Wonders of Creation, Conscience, and the Glory of God.  85 minutes.  Eternal Productions.

One evening, after finishing dish duty and before starting our children’s bedtime routine, my husband and I plunked on the couch to catch the first few minutes of the DVD God of Wonders. Immediately I was awestruck by aerial footage of mountains and waterfalls, flowers blooming before my eyes through the use of time lapse photography and an impressive variety of wonderful and incredible creatures.

Within moments my 6 year old was also captivated by the music and the marvels of creation that danced before our eyes. Even though the film transitioned from nature footage to a documentary style, which includes scientists explaining some complicated (and fascinating!) details about the creation, interspersed between the nature footage, my son continued to watch and even followed the dialogue to a certain degree.  Computer animation made the explanations more understandable and certainly helped to keep their (and my!) attention.  You will know what I mean when you watch this film and see how tiny the earth is in comparison to our sun, and even more so when you see how relatively small our sun is compared to our brightest star.   “Wow!  I didn’t know that!  The sun is huge!  That star is enormous!” my six year old and I exclaimed together.

This film explores what the creation teaches us about the creator, God.  He is God of power.  The power and energy present in thunderstorms, for instance, is so immense it teaches us about the greatness of the God who created such a wonder.  God is God of Wisdom.  The wisdom of the creator, God, is conspicuous in the design of the world.  For example, water is perfectly designed to sustain life.  The complex design of creatures, such as the hummingbird, is absolutely necessary to sustain life.  All the intricate parts need to work together just as they are for life to be possible. Finally the film looks at God as God of Justice and God of Love, and explains the gospel message.

The film weaves together commentary by scientists and scripture verses which together beautifully reveal the glory of God the Creator.   The scientists are from a variety of disciplines.  For example, Dr. Jason Lisle is an astrophysicist, Dr. Larry Vardiman is an astro-geophysicist, Dr. Gary Parker and Dr. David Menton are biologists. Together, creation and God’s Word teach us about God.

As the film drew near the end I realized a few things.  First,  that I had let my kids stay up way past their bedtime.  Second, that the beautiful visuals, as well as the fascinating information about things as everyday and yet as complex as thunderstorms, stars, water, birds, butterflies make God of Wonders a very family friendly film!

Reviewed by Tina Bain

July 2010

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