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One of my favourite ways to spend a cold winter day is sitting on the couch with one child on each side and possibly a third on my lap while reading stories.  But with a daughter (5) who loves princess stories, and a son (3) who rates stories based on the quality of trucks in them, it can be difficult to find a story that we will all enjoy over and over.  However, since we first read “The Adventures of Arkie the Archaeopteryx” by Ryan Jaroncyk and “The Oxpecker and the Giraffe: I Need You and You Need Me” by Patrick Fitzpatrick, they both have asked for these stories again and again… much to my own delight.

The Adventures of Arkie the Archaeopteryx” is a cute story in which Arkie meets up with all types of very different and interesting creatures (most of which I had never heard of) – with the message that God designed and created them all.  My children loved learning about how these creatures could be so different, and yet still have similarities, and the bright pictures and fun names kept their attention captive.

In “I Need You and You Need Me”, we learned about how God created nature so intricately that creatures that seem totally separate can play important roles in each others wellbeing.  The story is written in a sing-song rhyming style that is catchy to listen to and fun to read. And so I am happy to have a break from all the princesses and trucks, and even happier to have stories that are fun but also have important educational messages in them!  So if you have or know children who like bright and colourful illustrations, fascinating creatures, and fun stories, and if you’d like for them to learn about God’s amazing design in creation, these are the books to have.  I highly recommend them both!

Sarah Robert
February 2011

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