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For close to 40 years now, the Creation Science Association of Alberta has brought interesting and qualified speakers to the province. In keeping with this excellent tradition, biologist Dr. Jerry Bergman is scheduled to speak in Edmonton on October 14 and 15, 2011. Dr. Bergman, author of Slaughter of the Dissidents; Persuaded by the Evidence; and The Dark Side of Darwin, is well known as an apologist for creation. His resume included 9 earned university degrees including 2 doctorates. The list of topics he will cover therefore has been chosen to appeal to a broad spectrum of people. On Friday, October 14 he is scheduled to speak at 8 p.m. on The Real story about Galileo. Find out what we really should know about this controversial scientist. Then the next morning, after a complimentary continental breakfast for all, Dr. Bergman will speak at 10:30 a.m. on Who were the Neanderthals? No doubt most people are curious about these strange fossil finds. Then at 1:30  pm we are scheduled to hear about What Mutations do to us and why we care. Do mutations contribute to the evolutionary process as is widely supposed? Dr. Bergman will provide interesting insights on this whole issue. Then as the piece de resistance, Dr. Bergman will discuss The great take home message of IRREDUCIBLE COMPLEXITY. Everyone will want to hear about this exciting topic!!

All these events are free and everyone is encouraged to bring plenty of friends along. The venue for these events is Mill Woods Assembly at 23 Avenue and 66 Street in Edmonton – easy to find and with great parking!

A colleague in creation research, when informed about the scheduled visit of Dr. Bergman to Edmonton, sent the following message: “GREAT CATCH! Jerry is first class…. Terrific!”  With accolades like this, we don’t need to say anything more!

June 2011

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