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We have seen it so many times. Eager children dance around their mother as they proceed to pick out books from the public library. The books all look so appealing! Little Johnny is a space fanatic since he has just acquired a new telescope. Ah, here we go, nice books on space! But mother shakes her head. Maybe we can find a book somewhere else that provides better information on space, information that conforms to the biblical record. Well, look no further! Institute for Creation Research has produced a very nice introduction to space for children of kindergarten age to grade 5.

This little book is written in clear language with a larger font size. Colourful drawings illustrate each topic without providing confusing detail. And the issues discussed are comprehensive indeed. We start with creation week and then turn our attention to outer space. A list follows of “smart guys” who studied the heavens in the past. These people helped us understand what we see in the sky. Space is very big, but the Big Bang does not explain it, only Genesis gives us a good understanding of its origin.

Soon we are conducted through the solar system from the sun, proceeding outward. For each solar body, we learn its significance and other details such as diameter, distance from the sun, is there a ring system, is there a global magnetic field and so on. Past Pluto, the authors discuss asteroids and comets, stars, galaxies, black holes, meteors, auroras, and eclipses. They conclude this section with a discussion of our young universe. Very young children will not care about detailed numbers, but as they grow older, this information provides food for thought and for further reflection.

The beauty of a book like this is that it encourages the reader to see the heavens as a wonderful testimony to the work of our creator God. A glossary, index and lists of further resources encourage us all to continue to learn more about the awe inspiring heavens.

ICR Authors. ICR Science for Kids. Space: God’s Majestic Handiwork. 111 Pages. Paperback. Full colour.

Margaret Helder
September 2018

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