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Creation Science Dialogue is a quarterly publication of the Creation Science Association of Alberta (CSAA). It is distributed free of charge to schools and churches in western Canada, and to members and supporters. Subscriptions are $8 per year. To subscribe to the print edition, contact us.

CSAA has published Dialogue for thirty years. Our objective now, as in the past, is to show that in all aspects of nature, a creation-based discussion is relevant and interesting. Secular science does not provide satisfying or Scripturally-based answers in many areas of life. Indeed when we look at actual studies of nature, the creation-based interpretations fit best. We think this is important for everyone to know.

Students are sometimes overwhelmed by pro-evolution messages. Our association provides an independent Canadian voice for the creation model. We review good quality resources from a broad spectrum of publishers and we provide discussion on topics seldom covered in other publicaions. We have something for youngsters in every issue and something for adults too.

You can help our efforts by subscribing to Dialogue and by encouraging friends and relatives to do so too. Let’s keep a good thing going in Canada for another thirty years! Do join us in giving thanks for past achievements and looking forward to an even more productive future.