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The following are links to sites and with information in a variety of languages.

This site features links to a wide variety of other organizations. The main feature of this web site however is the lengthy list of resources which are available in a huge selection of languages. This website also includes links to the creationist organizations in a number of countries and United States states.

The site provides links to other sites where the resources are available. For example, there are many articles in Spanish on the Answers in Genesis website, accessed by the link from Creationism.org

Creation Ministries International
This ministry has a large library of articles from past issues of its publications. It also features translations of some articles into a long list of other languages. The number of articles available depends upon the language chosen.

Northwest Creation Network
This site provides Creation Wiki, an online encyclopedia, available in English, French, Spanish, Korean, German, Chinese and Russian.

Powerpoint presentations, many links, etc.