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What is Creation Science?

Creation scientists have a world view or model for their science which is based on the belief that an intelligent designer exists who created our universe and everything in it.

What is science?

  • Science is the study of nature with the objective of finding explanations for what we see.
  • Some modern scientists insist that matter and processes are all that were required to bring about the universe and everything in it. Others point out that this materialistic approach to science is merely based on assumption and cannot be proven.
  • Creation science expects to see the work of God revealed in nature. Natural processes, established by God, are adequate to explain everyday events but such processes cannot, and do not, explain the origin of life, the living cell, matter, and the universe as well as the various design features we see in nature.
  • In all aspects of the study of nature, an attitude tolerant of multiple working hypotheses is desirable and ethical. This would allow minority viewpoints to argue their positions with a view to influencing science in general.


  • The amazing details of form, physiology and behaviour or living creatures, is just one aspect of the wonders of design in nature. It is evident from all we know, that design requires intelligence to bring about.
  • How did the box jellyfish acquire such fancy eyes?
  • Why do living creatures demonstrate skills that man can only dream of?
  • Who would imagine that octopi, animals without backbones, could be so smart?
  • Technological man is envious of the amazing navigational skills of marine turtles and other animals.

Fossil record

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