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Impact of Worldviews

Nature clearly reveals God’s work and character. Whether we admit this or not depends upon our worldview and (in the light of our worldview) the questions that we ask of our scientific studies. The questions asked determine the answers obtained.

Everyone is affected by scientific teachings. Foundational to much mainstream scientific teaching is evolution theory. This impacts many of our interactions with our modern society. The social sciences (like psychology) are heavily invested in evolution theory. There is even talk of requiring medical students to be trained in evolutionary concepts.

Christians must be aware of the Secular Agenda.  While the Christian worldview centres on God, the secular worldview is based on the idea that nothing exists/operates in nature except for matter and processes. The Christian confesses that we see testimony to God’s work and character in nature. Mainstream scientists on the other hand maintain that natural explanations can be found for everything.

These differing worldviews drive our expectations of what we should see, determining what questions are asked and the answers obtained.  Every aspect of biology is impacted by these issues.

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