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Most Christians, while concerned about conflicting interpretations of how God created, do not have the time to read lengthy discussions on the issue. This leaves them with few tools to evaluate competing explanations which they may hear in church and school. It was to provide a brief but well documented defense of the traditional reading of Genesis, that mathematician Dr. John Byl (professor emeritus from Trinity Western University) and applied statistician Dr. Tom Goss (adjunct professor at Summit Pacific College in Abbotsford, B.C. and statistical consultant to federal government departments in Ottawa), collaborated on this 42 page booklet, How Should Christians Approach Origins?

The booklet proceeds in brisk fashion from worldview issues such as the relationship of science to miracles, to chronology questions such as the dating of fossils and the length of the days of Creation. As far as a rationale for studying science, we read “The cultural mandate, which appointed man to be God’s steward over creation (Genesis 1:28), provided motivation for studying nature and applying that study towards practical ends, glorifying God for His wisdom and goodness.” (p. 12 – 13)

In their overview of the issues, the authors discuss operational and historical science, God as the ultimate reality, God as truth, the Biblical teaching about Adam, the implications of questioning the Biblical Adam, the reasons to reject that myths of the Ancient Near East in any way contributed to Biblical revelation, comparisons of human and chimp DNA, the origin of natural evil, and finally a brief overview of the positions of certain influential theologians on the issue of origins.

Towards the end of the booklet, the authors assure us that: “Worldviews come as package deals; they are all-encompassing systems. One cannot simply mix and match. Compromising Christianity with naturalism introduces a logical inconsistency that will eventually undermine our commitment to God and His Word.” (p. 35)

This book is an ideal reference for pastors, church youth leaders, and everyone whose life is impacted by evolutionary arguments.

John Byl and Tom Goss. 2015. How Should Christians Approach Origins. Word Alive Press, Winnipeg, 42 pages.

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