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Creation Weekend 2018 – October 26 & 27

The Creation Science Association of Alberta is delighted to announce that biologist Dr. Gordon Wilson has agreed to share his insights with us at Creation Weekend, Friday and Saturday October 26 and 27, 2018. The venue is Mill Woods Assembly, 2225 66 St NW in Edmonton.

Biologist Dr. Gordon Wilson is well known in creationist circles for his insightful discussions of living creatures. A regular contributor to Answers Magazine and also Answers in Depth from Answers in Genesis, his objective in his college teaching and other endeavours is to stir up long lasting wonder and curiosity about life and a greater desire to praise the Creator. Read the rest of this entry »

A sign of the maturity of the creation science field is that books on a broader spectrum of topics have begun to appear. Excellent as titles are on such issues as dinosaurs and radiometric dating, it is nice to see some discussion of new issues. So it is then, that Dr. Jerry Bergman’s new book entitled Evolution’s Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries is certain to attract attention. Besides, the information contained therein is certainly fascinating.

Many of us have heard of the Piltdown Man fraud and the unmasking of that fraud which rocked the scientific world in 1953. However the story of how the events unfolded before that is very interesting. Since the deception was so obvious, it is a wonder that the scientific world allowed themselves to be deceived for more than 40 years. Similarly the 1922 ‘discovery’ of Nebraska Man which turned out to be an extinct pig, is also well known. However this book by Jerry Bergman also discusses many other astonishing examples of error or downright fraud. Read the rest of this entry »

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